How Ether BB works

Get to know more about how our system works and why we beat all competition in the online payments industry.

Payment Mechanism

Pays with any major cryptocurrency, with a low conversion fee, or with EtherBB Token with zero conversion fee.

Convert to fiat
Funds are immediately converted to fiat currency in order to protect the seller from market volatility.

Dynamic holding
Ether BB holds the funds and releases to seller, adjusted on a performance-based timeframe.

Receives in fiat currency and can withdraw to a bank account, keep it in wallet or convert it to other cryptocurrency.

The safest payment platform. 


The Ether BB Platform is a payment processor solution that enables merchants 

to accept multiple cryptocurrencies from buyers as payment methods while

receiving in fiat currency.

Ether BB PayPal bitpay

Lower Buyer Purchase Risk O X X
We cover all purchases (both goods and the majority of services). Other traditional
solutions such as PayPal only cover the purchase of physical goods. Crypto-based
services such as Bitpay do not cover anything at all.
Payment Approval Speed O X X
Unlike traditional payment systems that most of the times delay the approval of payments
due to high risk of fraud, and require submission of countless documents, we approve
payments immediately and make the process hassle-free for both parties (buyer & seller).
Low Exchange Fees O X X
We provide both buyer and seller low exchange fees by using advanced analytics that
connects to multiple crypto-currency exchange providers. Services such as PayPal and
Bitpay provide extremely high internal exchange rates.
Low Seller Fees O X O
We will charge sellers a flat 1% fee on received payments. Other services such as PayPal
charge a flat minimum rate of 2.9%, but can go above 5% after all “hidden fees” are
accounted for.
Multiple Crypto Currencies Accepted O X X
We accept the most used cryptocurrencies on the market (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,
Dash Monero and others) covering a wider percentage of the total market cap. Other
services such as Bitpay only accept Bitcoin, restricting their market to half of the total
market cap. As more tokens are created and added to the market, their captured
percentage will only shrink further.
Safety of Funds O X O
Leverage the power of the blockchain and say goodbye to credit card fraud. You have
control over your own private keys and funds, and not even we can access your wallet.
Traditional centralized solutions have a poor track record in keeping your funds safe.
No Chargebacks O X O
Sellers will be protected from rampant credit card fraud and nasty chargebacks, a
common occurrence in traditional payment services still reliant on credit cards.
Customer Payment Protection O X X
Services such as PayPal are well known, and PayPal relies heavily on its buyer/seller
protection plan. However, it only covers the purchase of physical goods. Bitpay does not
cover any purchases, making the transaction irreversible and leaving you exposed to
potential fraud. EtherBB extends consumer protection by covering both physical and
virtual (if applicable) purchases. We will guarantee full coverage of all eligible payments
made via EtherBB.
Resolution of Disputes Timeframe O X X
Traditional solutions such as PayPal have a lengthy waiting period of transaction
resolutions while they gather evidence on both sides independently (taking up to several
months), making it a slow and painful process. We provide both a self-mediated 2-party
resolution mode, and an advanced 3-party resolution dispute mechanism, enabling both
parties to chat in real time, guided by one of our resolution mediators. We make it quick
and easy to sort conflicts.
Seller Performance-based Rating O O X
We implement a performance-based analytics algorithm to evaluate the performance of
sellers, making it so that as the performance of a seller grows, the corresponding hold
period on the funds decreases. This mechanism creates a trusted environment,
encouraging sellers to perform better over time and increasing buyer confidence. In the
best-case scenario, a top seller will see its hold time eliminated, obtaining the funds
Decentralized Token with Index Value O X X
Ether BB is not only a payment platform. We will issue our own crypto-currency – the
Ether BB token (UTK). You can buy/sell/ send/receive your UTK in the platform, convert it to
fiat, other crypto, or simply keep safe in your wallet and see its value grow in synergy with
the platform. Transactions using the Ether BB token will be converted internally and benefit
of zero exchange fee.

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